New Cazimi Moon in Scorpio ~ Now!

photo from Brad Aspy


We are under the New Cazimi Moon in Scorpio NOW! This is a beautiful time ~ no matter where you are ~ to place your intentions for this two week period moving into the Full Moon, or even the remainder of the year, or for something you want to take into the new year! This is the time to start something new ~ something that moves you deeply, as we are swimming in the energies of this lovely, dark, watery moon. Take in the nourishment of this watery moon,

A Moon in Scorpio turns us inwards, deepens our curiosity and focus, but gives us attitude. Scorpio is the most intense sign and when the Moon is here she feels everything to the nth degree - needless to say so do we! Passion, joy, love and desire can take center stage in our lives. This is a time when we may need more privacy to feel more deeply and to find the perfect place to plant our seeds in the gardens of our souls.

Scorpio is a Feminine, Fixed, Water Sign, she is ruled by Mars/Pluto and she rules the genitals, bladder, cervix, urinary tract and prostate gland.

Below is a short and sweet ritual that you can perform today ~ if possible under the Cazimi Moon ~ however, anytime today is perfect! 

  1. Get yourself a glass or vessel that you can place water in ~ here is a shell that I found on the beach and used in my ceremonies over the last few days. Use what is available as time is short here!



  1. If you can boil the water first or if you have reverse osmosis water available that would be wonderful! These waters are emptied through the process of boiling or ROhave the ability to take on your words and energy best. If not, do not worry, tap or any water works!
  2. A half hour before or after the New Moon ~ so from 7:31 am - 8:31 am PST (10:31 am - 11:31 am EST) take a few minutes to quiet yourself and choose the words or story of your intention or dreams or wishes.
  3. Now, while holding the water in your hands, or even better holding it near your mouth or heart, speak, whisper or even just silently place your intention or words of power into the water. Hold it silently for a minute and bless the water thanking if for listening and taking on your words.
  4. Now drink the water, feeling the energy shared with your water, your cells! This is a time to feel, not think, so do your best to quiet the mind and take in the messages your body shares with you.

Try to find time for this ritual any time today ~ take in this New Moon energy that can bring you sudden insights or new ideas. This may be a time that you find writing is easier or that your appetite is getting stronger!  Or you may find that your body wants to rise earlier and needs less sleep. The energy of the Sprout Moon is from the Northwest ~ this is the  direction of heaven in the IChing ~ a powerful time to be creative and open to the energies.

Be aware of your dreams gems ~ this is a time for wish dreams, be listening. 

New Moon Wishes,
Moon Mama

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