New Crescent Moon ~ Sagittarius

Hello Dear Moon Family,

We have passed through a beautiful, deep Dark Moon in Scorpio ~ did you feel her? How did she move you? Scorpio is a planet of depth and hidden feelings and pushes us into transformations. 

This month I am focusing on the New Crescent Moon in Sagittarius. Under a Sagittarius Moon I seem to find a comfort and happiness that is calm and lovely. I hope over these last months you are starting to better gauge your feelings under each moon sign .

As the Moon pulls away from the Sun and begins to wax toward the second quarter stage towards her fullness, there is energy of newness a beautiful time to start a new project. Catch her tonight as she sets to feel her energy. She will be visible on the horizon setting after the sun tonight at 5:23 pm (PST).

Lets find time today to connect with what we just released and find the expansion in ourselves that is opening and shifting this week. We have so much to look forward to ~

  • Starting today, Jupiter and Venus join up in Scorpio ~ don’t miss this energy sweet family! According to Beatrice Quintanna, “this is a time to live fully and love fully .” 
  • Tuesday, November 21st, the Sun moves into Sagittarius .a lovely time to connect with your faith and hope ~ your spiritual side through ceremony. 
  • Wednesday, November 22nd Neptune moves forward and out of retrograde ~ according to astrologist Pam Ciampi ~ “with Neptune back online, its going to be easier than ever to believe that if you wish upon that certain star, your dreams really will come true.” Don’t forget to put those wishes out sweet Moon Family

I have many sweet holiday treats of gratitude and love coming your way ~ I am so  thankful for each of you <3 ~

Sending New Moon Wishes Your Way,
xx Debra
Moon Mama

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Nam Pritam Kaur
Nam Pritam Kaur

November 20, 2017

Always a beautiful day when I receive and learn about the sun, moon and stars! Love Moonstone on my face!


November 18, 2017

I LOVE receiving these newsletters! So grateful for the reminder! Thank you <3

Cindy Beres
Cindy Beres

November 18, 2017

Debra-i enjoy your informative newsletters and am in ❤️ with your wonderful products! Thank You for helping my sensitive skin look and feel amazing!

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