New Moon in Aquarius ~ Clearing for the New

Today, January 24th, we have a New Moon in Aquarius @ 1:42 pm PST (4:42 pm EST). This is our first New Moon of the Year and can help us to set the tone of our year, and even our new decade. Tomorrow, January 25th, we celebrate the Year of the Rat ~ the Rat is the first zodiac sign of the Chinese Calendar and so we have a lot of new beginnings this year of 2020. Rat is yang energy and represents the beginning of a new day. The Rat Year is a time to develop your abilities, to think out of the box and to be resourceful and creative. The metal element signals renewed ambition and a desire to fulfill unmet needs. And during a Rat Year you are encouraged to take care of yourself and not worry about others.

Aquarius Moon energy is Masculine, barren, dry and airy; ruled by Uranus and Saturn; and rules the calves and ankles.

A Moon in Aquarius reminds us of the sacredness of collaboration and collectivity. We can become deeply aware that what affects one, affects us all. It’s a time to search for new allies and to review and live our philosophy. On the other side, an Aquarius Moon can bring out the rebel in us! This is a great time to break out of a rut, try something new, and make sure everyone sees you for the unique individual that you are.

Let the energy of this Aquarian Moon help you to express your uniqueness and connect you to your creative side. In the evening, take time to list and reflect on the positive things that happened during the day. If you practice this regularly, you will rewire your brain for happiness and find that it will make you feel more connected.

During A Dark Moon (Seed Moon) you may experience the following:

Mind: Your mind turns inward, you feel contemplative. Your intuition is active.
Body: You can feel heavy or retain water and find yourself inactive or feel a slowing of your metabolism.
Physical Energy: Low ebb. You sleep well but feel inertia when awake.
Energy: Northeast
Emotion: Sensitive and can be easily hurt. You may feel more likely to quarrel. Misunderstandings of communication can occur as during a Moon void of course time.
WyMoons Mystery: It May be your Moontime. If not you can feel full and self-protective. You may have backache even if you are not fertile and find yourself not interested in compromise in relationships.
Dreams: You may have very symbolic or obscure dreams. And they may contain images of caves, shadowy places, blood and secrets. Many will have dreams of childhood.

Here are a few ideas on how to work with these New Moon in Aquarius energies~ 

  • SPACE CLEARING FOR NEW IDEAS ~ Because it is a year of new beginnings one way to start this year out well is to do a deep house-cleaning and repairing broken items ~ there is a saying that broken equals broke! Clearing out the clutter makes space for creativity and inventive visions. You can clear your mind by changing your space. You can clear your mind by changing your space. So take a few hours today or tomorrow to clear a space: clean out your closets, your underwear drawers, the top of your desk or what ever makes you sigh and feel so wonderfully spacious. Create space for seeding your intentions under this New Moon.
  • CREATIVITY ~ If you are feeling artistic ~ create a hanging vision board. Be creative and use colors, textures and anything that brings you happiness. Hang it in the bathroom, kitchen or bring it to work and hang it from a lamp or coat rack or on the wall! Just be sure to hang it so that it brings in the air element <3.
  • DREAMING WITH INTENTION ~ Did you know that you have at least 4-5 dreams every night? Dreams can tell you a lot about your life and what your subconscious is trying to share with you. Joan Borysenko says, “ Intention is the doorway to recalling your dreams and making yourself available to the insights and guidance they often provide.” She believes that by placing a strong intention for remembering your dreams before going to sleep is equivalent to asking for guidance on life situations, to grow spiritually and to receive healing. This is a perfect time to start a dream journal and dream into your intention and year. Here are the steps she gives to recalling and journaling your dreams:
    • Choose a journal ~ not just any journal but one that is appealing. She suggests that you even decorate the cover with an image from a strong dream that you remember to affirm your belief that dreams are important.
    • Keep your dreams journal for dreams only. This keeps your intention to recall your dreams stronger.
    • Place your journal next to your bed ~ be sure it is close enough that you DO NOT have to get out of bed to reach it! Also keep a clock, pen and light near (you can use a flashlight or I love the mighty bright book lights J.)
    • Before you go to sleep write tomorrows date in your journal ~ a subconscious message to remember your dreams. Write an intention in your journal ~ she suggests something like “I will remember my dreams” or “I need guidance on….”. It could be about work, relationships, or whatever you are needing guidance on.
    • Notice if you wake in the middle of the night what it is that wakes you up. Is it a full bladder? A snoring partner? Outside noises? Most likely, these disruptors will be incorporated into your dream. Before moving (hard for me!!) catch the tail of your dream and then grab your journal and give your dream a title ~ something fun! Adding a few short sentences and it will help you to recollect the dream in the morning.
    • Upon waking in the morning ~ don’t move! Haha! Again hard for me to remember not to move! This helps you to stay close to the dream state and where recall is best. ASK YOURSELF what you were dreaming and even before you roll over and grab your journal, give your dream a title ~ “something snappy”, she says! You will need to give yourself a few extra minutes in the morning to take the time to remember and record your dreams (5-10 minutes).
    • When you write your dreams in your journal use the first person, and add as much detail as you can.
    • Last, if you want discuss your dreams with a trusted friend or family member. She suggests that you avoid analyzing each others dreams, but instead as Reverend Jeremy Taylor suggests, preface your comments with “If that was my dream…). Hearing from others can sometimes trigger greater insight into your dreams.
  • Last, a few thoughts for your altar: aquamarine and pearl are nice colors and gemstones to use under this moon; and Myrrh is a lovely scent to support this Moon energy.

One of the most effective ways to create reality is deciding to take action by making a dynamic move forward, and on the other hand, sitting in one place, choosing to remain undecided can be the most powerful decision yuou can make. Spirit and heart are important elements in making decisions. Let this New Moon inspire you to clear your space, inner and outer, so that your decision making can support you throughout 2020.

Wishing you a beautiful New Moon, New Beginnings,
xxoo Debra
Moon Mama 

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