New Moon in Cancer ~ partial solar eclipse

A new moon teaches gradualness
and deliberation and how one gives birth
to oneself slowly. Patience with small details
makes perfect a large work, like the universe   ~ RUMI

We are in our Dark Moon time until tomorrow night when she moves into the New Moon in Cancer at 7:48 pm PST, (10:48 pm EST). She moves into the sign of cancer tomorrow morning at 10:59 am PST (1:59 pm EST). 

During this New Moon phase we will also be experiencing a partial solar eclipse. A solar eclipse is when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth and the Moons shadow blocks the Suns light from sharing her ultraviolet radiation with our ionosphere. The ionosphere is an electrified layer of charged particles that surrounds the Earth. This energy exchange of incoming radiation from the sun causes a swelling in the ionosphere and therefore this layer is always larger during the day than at night. 

Cancer is a cardinal,water sign that is ruled by the Moon and rules the stomach teaching us to go with our intuitive, gut feelings. When the Moon is in Cancer we can find her influencing our emotions and focusing us on home, family and the nurturing of ourselves and others.

This dark moon I encourage you to explore the archetypal energy of Lilith, a Dark Moon Goddess.

My dear friend, Candice Covington, describes the Dark Goddess as the goddess of the unconscious, of the dissolution or undoing of things. She shares, "the Dark Goddess teaches us that by going inward to the cause instead of ascending away it we can deal with the aspects of the self and life. We are often taught to fear the power of the Dark Goddess ~ darkness, destruction, dissolution - but her energy is that of the dark moon, the force of rebirth." Candice describes Lilith as a catalyst for thriving in your original nature. Lilith, she says, "shows us that being cut off from our soul and our sense of self-worth is to be cut off from our power, strength and potential. To connect with her energy is to open ourselves to our own inner bravery until we find firm footing in our unique, perfect soul. She is the energy of pure possibility without restriction."

Under these mixed energies of Dark Moon, New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse, I offer the following thoughts for ritual:

  • Take a bath tonight or tomorrow under the Dark of the Moon (prior to 7:48 pm). Call on the energy of Lilith to assist you in moving into your unconscious to access information that you have forgotten and to remember the women of power and strength that birthed us. Adding gemstones (moonstone, black tourmaline, red jasper, or garnet), candles and essential oils (lotus, jasmine, or peppermint) to inspire and activate energies. Water can teach us the path of least resistance ~ follow it.
  • The solar eclipse starts at 6:48 pm PST (9:48 pm EST) and the New Moon is at 7:48 pm PST. Where ever you are try to take the time to notice what your body senses at the time of these subtle energy shifts between Moon, Sun and Earth. Trust.
  • Under this New Moon connect to your feelings and see where they lead you. Acknowledge what you have overcome.

The Moon is there for us to learn to how to cycle through the dark to light and back into the dark again ~ it is a daily, monthly, yearly, lifetime of death and rebirth. She is here to guide us on our journey with ourselves.

New Moon Wishes,
Moon Mama



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July 12, 2018

Love this I am a Cancer and im trying to learn all I can about Mother Moon ..thank you for posting positive things about Lillith I’ve always loved her

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