New Moon in Gemini

Yes, the New Moon in Gemini is tomorrow, May 25th at 12:44 PST (3:44 EST). I love that Geminis are described as honey bees moving from flower to flower collecting all the information they can in the world in order to make sense of their purpose. Gemini is an air sign ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication. Communication and opening your throat chakra is key under a Gemini Moon. This is a beautiful time to gather and seek out information and listen to the guidance and ideas of our kindred friends to help us better understand ourselves

This New Moon in Gemini also has a special energy to tap into. Early Friday morning, May 26th the Moon will make a trine with lucky Jupiter (a favorable aspect). This is a perfect time to ‘double down’ and start not one but two new projects ~ we need to grab this energy by the tail and watch her bring it forward with a roar!

Below are two short meditations to bring you deeper into your body and connect you to your intention and projects. These simple exercises can help to bring you into alignment with your center of knowing:

BODY MEDITATION ~ this only takes a few minutes but is very enlightening:

  • Sit down and tell yourself a truth out loud, such as I love Roses. Go inward and notice how your body feels when you tell yourself a truth.
  • Get up and do something around the house for just one minute ~ no more.
  • Sit down again and say to yourself out loud, I hate Roses. Notice how your body responds to this message ~ something happens in your body when you tell yourself a lie ~ get to know that response.

With practice ~ this exercise will help you to discriminate your body’s wisdom and teach you to follow your truth.

UTTARABODHI HAND MUDRA MEDITATION ~ Mercury rules the hands and lungs.

This mudra strengthens the metal element and is associated with the energy of the lungs and large intestine. The metal element conducts the universal life force (chi or prana) from the outside to the inside, charging your inner power reservoirs. This is a great mudra to use when you feel physically and mentally listless or when you need a rousing idea ~ a flash of inspiration!

Place both hands in front of your solar plexus, at the level of your stomach. Lay the respective index fingers and thumbs on each other. Point your index fingers upward to the ceiling, and your thumbs downward to the floor or stomach. If you are lying down, the tips of your thumbs may lie at the lower end of your sternum. This hand mudra can be held anywhere, at anytime, and for as long as you want. Create your own affirmation to use when holding the mudra or use this one: My partnership with the powers of the cosmos allow my life to appear in a new light.

Once you feel centered, begin your ceremony by cleansing your space. Place your focus on your intention and your projects you will be starting, whether they are personal or professional. Go out and collect objects from nature while holding your focus and place them on your altar. Bring in the element of air by opening a window or door, using a lavender spray or essential oil, or connecting to your breath. Draw your intention to your heart space to connect your heart and mind and open your imagination so that you can embrace all possibilities. As mentioned above, Mercury rules the hands, so this is a perfect time to work with clay, color, paint, draw, or write. If you have tarot cards, do a reading on your intention or upcoming projects.

For your altar, add the Gemini colors of yellow or orange and citrine or agate gemstones. It is also lovely to add a written note or an item that symbolizes your intention (projects) to your altar.

And if you have time ~ play with the Balsamic Moon tonight by taking a salt bath! 

dream big,

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