New Moon in Scorpio ~ Dark, Deep, Enchanting

Mandala design by Elena Noosh

Tonight we have a New Cazimi Moon in Scorpio at 8:39 pm PST (11:30 EST).

Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by Mars and Pluto. He is the eighth astrological sign and rules the 8th house: house of birth, death, mysteries and transformation ~ possibly, the house of your secret power. The number 8 is the symbol for balance and harmony and on its side is the symbol for infinity and a constant flow of energy and power.

As a water sign, Scorpio gains his strength from the deep, emotional realm. He can teach you to how to reach the clear life giving water found at the deep, dark space of your internal well, your unconsciousness.

In his research, Carl Jung identified that in our youth we are compelled to repress certain aspects of our personality. For example, boys can be discouraged to be soft hearted and can quickly learn the benefits of suppressing their compassionate side, which then becomes unconscious. Girls on the other hand are criticized if they are too assertive or independent and can rapidly learn to conform to social norms. As we mature, we find that we reclaim these hidden aspects of ourselves, by reclaiming our inner child; or maybe better identified for many of us as our innocence, playfulness or creativity. 

Our highest potential is hidden within our unconsciousness. Many times we can confuse the search for the self as being absorbed in self fulfillment. On the contrary, encountering the inner Self can be a deeply moving and emotional experience. When we move inward to connect to our higher Self, we can often find ourselves humbled because we are forced to recognize the limits of our own conscious ego. We find out how small our ego is compared to what humankind can be. And when we learn to listen deeply, we can tap into a powerful pathway to renewal and clarity. Lets look at meaning of the word deep as it holds such a strong essence for Scorpio:

  • deep as an adjective means: extending far down from the top or surface; very intense or extreme
  • deep as a noun means: the sea or ocean
  • deep as an adverb means: far down or in; deeply.

The ocean is a dark unknown, yet filled with hidden forms of life; in dreams the ocean represents the unconscious. Fishermen and -women therefore symbolize the process of retrieving material from the unconscious. We carry hidden life within our subconscious ~ and now is a perfect time to go fishing sisters and brothers.

Mandalas often symbolize the higher or inner Self. The meaning of the Mandala in sanskrit is magic circle. Creating mandalas can offer a "safe refuge of inner reconciliation and wholeness", while at the same time provide a sacred space into which we can invite the Self. When we create Mandalas, whether creating our own or coloring a Mandala, we are making a personal symbol of who we are in that moment.

So lets dive deep and go inward under this New Moon in Scorpio. Here is a ritual for you to connect/experience your inner Self:

  • Draw a Mandala if you can, if you prefer, choose one of these Mandala pictures  and print it out to color, or purchase a Mandala coloring book and pick a picture that you feel drawn too.
  • If possible, draw or color your Mandala during the Cazimi Moon, starting at least 30 minutes prior to the New Moon and going at least 30 minutes past the New Moon (i.e. for PST, start at 8:09 pm and go until at least 9:09 pm)
  • And then learn to interpret and understand the message of the Mandala you chose today at this beautiful site!
  • Intentions can be so beautiful under a New Moon, this month I encourage you to let your Mandala guide you to your intention. Finding a way to connect to that deep space within you that holds all your beliefs, your beauty, secrets, love, and guidance.
  • On the Crescent Moon on Monday, plant the intention that is revealed to you.

As so well spoken in the Book of Runes, "When in deep water ~ become the diver".

New Moon Magic,
Moon Mama

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