New Moon in Taurus ~ Solid, Strong

Knowing others is intelligence,  Knowing yourself is true wisdom.  
 ~ Tao Te Ching 

Tomorrow morning at 4:47 am PST (7:47 am EST) we will experience the Dark Moon in Taurus. Taurus is a sign that is committed to getting things completed. The Bull represents independence that blooms from self-knowledge and connects us with our inner power. When the Moon is dark under an Earth sign, we are reminded to slow down, connect to her deep rooted energy and ground our hearts and minds. It is a time to pause in the present and let our emotions find their stability so that they can bring forth their best intentions. 

Taurus Moon energy is Feminine, Fixed and Earthy. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and in the body she rules the thyroid gland, larynx, chin, lower jaw, ears tongue, vocal chords, jugular vein and tonsils.

Under a dark moon ~ everything is new and we connect to our primal urge to initiate and emerge; we are driven from a body level rather than a mental level. Dark Moons are a time when our mind turns inward, and our intuition is active. Our bodies may feel a slowing of metabolism and although you may sleep well, on awakening you may feel sluggish or drowsy.

The Lunar Celtic Tree for the month of May is the ‘Mighty Oak Tree’ ~ The Moon of Strength


The Oak Tree has the magical properties of all positive purpose and is the most powerful and sacred of the trees for the Celtic peoples. The Moon of Oak poses the essence of power and balance. She is androgynous and her essence provides the greatest alignment for manifesting our goals.

The gift of Oak Moon Mother is in showing children of the universe what their talents are so that they can share them to create a world of balance, where no one is without. She presents us with the essence of fertility, the power to manifest, and the capacity to create an environment for success. She provides the essence of balance; work and play; action and rest; and speaking and silence.

My ritual for you under this New Moon is to encourage you to carry your intention forward ~ to make it a part of each day between now and the Full Moon in Sagittarius. We have another Cazimi Moon, meaning that if you can do this ritual within 1/2 before or after Grandmother Moon goes Dark it can be more potent ~ but please know that anytime tomorrow or tonight will be powerful too: 

  1. First I would like you to take time to really ground into your intentions for this seeding. This is a time to deepen into your desires, no need to strongly pursue just stop and rest.
  1. Create your space and altar ~ outdoors under an oak tree or near one would be magical! Colors for this moon are greens and pinks; gemstones are Rose Quartz, Jade, Smokey Quartz and Agates; essential oils I love for Taurus are rose and geranium.
  1. Gather candles, sage, paper or journal, pencil and if you like a rattle, flute or drum.
  1. This New Moon I would like to ask you to collect one or a combination of different flowers: Roses, Poppies, Foxtails, Lilac or Lavender. Buy or collect enough for a week at a time ~ you can collect or buy more for the second week. Also, choose a book that you can use for pressing your flowers ~ if you have one that you can read something out of everyday that would be magical ~ otherwise a heavy book works well or several books can be placed on top of each other.
  1. Now using your sage and rattle or drum, cleanse your room and body. Here are a few thoughts to ponder before starting your quiet meditation:
      • Are you ignoring your source of strength?
      • Do you see yourself as beautiful?
      • What awareness does this Dark/New Moon bring to you?
      • What do you need at this time? Let the Oak Moon Mother assist you in manifesting what you need ~ this is a great time for realizing your potential.
      • Where are you feeling her in your body today?
    1. Now, sit quietly and slow your breathing until you feel yourself drop heavily into your body. Visualize your roots connecting to the nourishing rhythm of Mother Earth. Take a few minutes here to open up space for connecting and listening. 
    1. Once you feel ready, take your paper or journal and write out your intentions(s). Let it flow ~ use your body or voice if needed (this moon rules the vocal cords) to get clear and write as much detail as you can.
    1. Now, take your intention(s) and bury them somewhere in your yard, garden or in a plant in your house. If that doesn’t work, place them under a rock or other earth element you have in your home/yard. If you have more than one intention you can bury them separately or together.
    1. Now starting with the Crescent Moon, Wednesday, May 16th, take a flower or petals and place them inside your book to press them while speaking one or all of your intentions and then if you can squeeze the flower with your fingers and touch them to your mouth to get the energy and taste of her essence. This is a way to keep your intention moving forward in you, your life and your body. It will connect you with all five of your senses; taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing.

    The Crescent (Sprout) Moon is a time when we can feel the young shoots of our seeds (intentions) just beginning to poke themselves out of the soil (our consciousness). This is a time we may be filled with insights or new ideas, so it is a wonderful time to awaken your beautiful intentions by placing your flowers into your book.

    I believe that we are our best healers and to know ourselves deeply is a wonderful way to connect to our wisdom. This is not a quick process, but a lifetime of learning, so be gentle with yourselves my beautiful moon family. You still have dreams to dream and stories to tell.

    New Moon Wishes Your Way,
    Moon Mama

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    May 16, 2018

    Thank you dear Moon Sisters ~ it was written especially for you! I hope you are keeping up with your flowers….xxoxo

    Victoria Gagnebin
    Victoria Gagnebin

    May 15, 2018

    This is a wonderful and thoughtful ceremony! Thank you for sharing it! I have most of these items, and live under a magnificent 400 yr old oak. So good. May our seeds all grow into our dreams!

    Stephanie tyson
    Stephanie tyson

    May 14, 2018

    I LOVE this Debra!! Magical, creative,informative and Fun!

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