New Moon in Virgo + Mabon, Autumnal Equinox

This beautiful picture by Rassouli, Freydoon, is from his collection of Goddesses and named JOY VIBRATIONS ~ these artworks were created to offer you a portal into the intimate, vulnerable and feminine power each goddess reveals for you.

We are entering a Virgo New Moon tonight at 10:29 pm PST and early tomorrow morning, September 20th at 1:29 am EST. As, Beatrex Quntanna says, “Virgo is called the “Womb of Time” in which the seed of great values are planted, shielded, nourished and revealed.”

During a New Moon the side of the moon that remains invisible to us here on Earth is being illuminated by the Sun. This means that our “invisible” side, our inner feelings, emotions and desires, are also being illuminated during under the New Moon. Under this illumination, is a window of opportunity to let go of the energy of the previous cycle, and set our intentions, and dreams into conscious action.

Virgo is a feminine, mutable, earth sign ruled by Mercury. She represents purity, innocence and intellect, a union of spirit and matter. A Moon in Virgo sharpens our minds and nerves. It helps one digest information and assess the situation; it is a time to cleanse, organize, edit, heal and brainstorm solutions. 

Another beautiful aspect for this New Moon in Virgo is that it is a Cazimi Moon. A Cazimi Moon is when the Moons center is within 17 minutes of the arc of the center of the Sun. There is a small window of time, ½ before and after the Dark Moon, where there is an increased energy available when the Moon is in this arc of the Sun. This is a great time to start something new.

Build your altar with earth tones, browns, blues, reds, and greens. Carry malachite or sapphires (for those who buy the large Gem Juice you have yours ~ use them!) Pull out your lavender and use it to fragrance the air, yourself and your altar, it is a beautiful way to manage and store the energy you are working with.

Thoughts for your New Moon in Virgo Ceremony

  1. Create a Medicine Bag

    • Gather a piece of cloth from an old piece of clothing or something that might carry memories and cut it into a small circle. Make the circle big enough to hold a few healing amulets and still fit into your pocket, purse or hang from a belt. Use your imagination and sew on sequins, draw on the cloth or add beads or gemstones. Choose the earth colors of fall: reds, greens, yellows, or browns. You can do this today but also carry it into tomorrow. If you want you can buy a small pouch from a store. 
    • Gather a gemstone, lucky penny, heart charm, or any object of meaning to you along with a few herbs or drops of essential oil in the bag. Write your intention, goals for an upcoming project or healing words, on a paper. Then fold it and place it in your medicine pouch or on your altar. You can create more than one intention and put one in your pouch and place one on your altar. Tie the pouch with a ribbon, string or rope and carry it with you. Or you can tie it onto your belt, place it on your altar or near your bed, put it on your desk or wherever it feels best to you. You may even be called to bury it letting it germinate in the earth and dig it up when it feels right. I like to carry mine on my body.  
    • If you feel ready to let it go or release it on the Full Harvest Moon coming in October it is a great time to place it into moving water. If you need to keep it for another cycle or two or three, do it. You will know when you have finished with the intention.
      *** If you don't have time to create your pouch tonight, you can still write your intention and choose your healing amulets and place them on the altar until you complete your medicine bag.***
  1. Dive into the portal created by Freydoon Rassouli
    • What brings you joy at this time of year,
    • What work or activity brings you joy vibrations??
    • Let it take you to your place of intuition and knowing. Use the picture as a way to connect and then write what comes to you.

    1. ALWAYS good to make time weekly to go into Nature
      • Ground to those lower chakra’s. Connect. Be your future; activate your desires; and create. You have the power to change your life: everyday.
    Mabon, the Fall Equinox ~ Friday, September 22nd at 1:02 pm PST (4:02 pm EST)

    Autumn begins with Lammas on August 1st and ends on Samhain, November 1st, with Mabon marking the mid-point. The Autumnal Equinox calls to us to lean inward to explore our riches, wisdom and inspiration for the coming year. Summers bring high energy and as we move into fall the days shorten, we become quieter and prepare us for dark and cold days of winter. I love pulling out my jeans and sweatshirts, preparing soups and warming foods, and be around the energy of the changing leaves. What a beautiful time to take stock of what you have grown.

    We can look at this time of our year as making changes within to create our future and not carry the past forward. This is a time of gratitude.

    On Friday, September 22nd, the Sun and Mercury move into lovely Libra.  This will usher in a time to look at what is increasing and decreasing in our lives.  Mercury in Libra brings us three weeks of charming communications, business exchanges, and social views. Fall is a time of big changes, some are welcome and others are difficult. There are so many wonderful stories around the Autumnal Equinox and celebrations of gratitude and harvest.. As we turn to Mother Earth she graces us with understanding into the weaving of the patterns we carry. 

    Let us gather our strength, change our colors, and dance our dream awake. 

    May All Your Wishes Find Their Wings,
    Moon Mama



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    Nam Pritam
    Nam Pritam

    September 20, 2017

    Sat Nam Sister Debra. Thank you for your wisdom … I enjoy reading your blogs and appreciate how you share knowledge and ceremony. I do so love using the Moonstone creme!

    September 19, 2017

    can I purchase your products at wholesale and small minimum amounts

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