Releasing, Earthing, Trusting ~ Taurus Full Moon

photo credit, Brodie Vissers

Full Moon in Taurus: Wednesday, October 24th at 9:45 am PST (12:45 pm EST)

Today I want to you pay attention to how you are feeling around 9:45 pm PST ~ according to Beatrex Quntanna60 hours prior to the Full Moon we may notice her energy pulling on us in ways that help us to see what needs to be released. Even if you don’t know it at the time, sometimes looking back on this small window may bring you strong insight into what is calling for release. Full Moons are openings for releasing, for letting go.

Taurus is a fixed, feminine earth sign. She is ruled by Venus and rules our neck, throat, thyroid gland, larynx, chin, ears, tongue, vocal chords, and tonsils.

A Moon in Taurus teaches us to slow down and connect to our creative, earthy, sensual self. She is steady and grounded.  She gifts us with her earth magic ~ encouraging us to harvest the miracle she shares with us.

The Moon is akin to the intuitive part of our nature, urging us to move towards harmony and potential and alignment. When we are steady/constant, we are true to our intentions, and base our choices so that they align with our vision. Connecting to this Earth Moon creates alchemical moments to help us understand her knowledge; our wisdom; her beauty, our beauty; her softness, our softness; her power, our power; her diversity, our uniqueness; her fragility, our fragility. This is a time to be empowered, humbled, intentional and creative.

Rituals support us in finding our center, our creative energy, and to align with our vision. Here are a few thoughts on how to use this Full Moon in Taurus Energy: 

  • Have you ever wondered what moves the stars through their course in the sky? Or the rains to fall, nurture growth, rise and fall again? Or the seasons to change? That creative energy force of spirit is not only what we see and experience, it is within each of us. This is a great Moon to reconnect with that earthly, creative power.
    • Over the next three days, find a time to go outside, ground your feet or body onto the earth and look up into the sky ~ if you see clouds, delight in the signs and visions they share; if you are taking in the Fall colors think of ways to prepare for the coming winter; if you are lucky enough to step into a rain shower be reminded of the things you need to replenish; or if you are under a beautiful snowfall let yourself be awakened to your dreams; if you are lucky enough to experience a rainbow what hidden gifts can you find that are there for you; or if you have mist or fog think of things that are yet to be revealed. AND if you can do it each day and night ~ maybe you can connect to the stars and their energy and the light of Grandmother Moon.
  • Place your gemstones onto the earth under the Moon for cleansing overnight. If you want, you can also place them on a table or something with a design in a spiral shape ~ it is a beautiful site (see my gemstones below!). When you pick them up the next day, smell the earth and/or moonlight they carry before placing them back in your house, pocket or on your altar.

  • Walk a labyrinth or follow a path on a hillside or roadside. And carry this question with you: Are you trusting your path even when you are not sure where it leads?
  • What needs releasing? Can you note your feelings around 9:45 pm PST tonight? Or for those on the East Coast who are not night owls, before bed or when you awaken since your time would be near 12:45 am EST tomorrow?!
  • I find this a healing time to color in my Mandala Coloring Book ~ it is a soothing, calming, meditative place for me and I also carry what I learned on my time in nature more deeply if I do it once I return.
  • For your altar use the colors of the earth; for gemstones I love Rose Quartz, Garnet, Turquoise, or Sodalite; for smells I love labdanum and cedarwood.

    • And of course don't forget to put your Moon Water out, gems!

    Today I leave you with this quote I love ~

    You yourself are even another little world and have within
    you the sun and the moon and also the stars
    ….by Origin

    Follow the light of this Moon to your little world…. and then light the world with your beauty my dear moon family.

    Full Moon Blessings,
    Moon Mama

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