Why Your Beauty Routine Needs Crystals & Gemstones

I am asked time and time again why I use gemstones and crystals in my skincare. I want to share with you, my beloved moon family, why I find it necessary to infuse these magical pieces of earth in my potions ;)

I use crystals and gemstones in Gemstone Organic’s Face Crémes, Hydrosols, Chakra Baths, and Masque because of their amazing healing properties and power to share Mother Earth with your body. Think about the process they go through -- fire, pressure, rain, weathering, and more. You sit in nature, you feel the power. You step on the earth, you feel the power. It is the same with gemstones and crystals. They emit high vibrational frequencies that we can use to return to or stay in balanced health. Mother Earth has gifted us with pieces of power to incorporate into many aspects of your life to reconnect with your innermost divine. Crystals and gemstones aid you in feeling strong and powerful on the inside and transmit transformational healing to the outside.

Crystals love to work in synergy. Plants, water, and crystals are a magical trifecta. They give you the love that you deserve from the same source you are from: a subtle reminder of earth’s life cycle that is happening within you and around you. If you are looking for ways to tap into your divine essence and glow from the inside out, to the outside in, look no further...

Let’s start with which crystals are the best for beauty regimens. They are powerful so choosing the right ones and applying the care they need is important. Crystals like Moonstone, Rose Quartz, and Jade are optimal choices for skincare. Moonstone has a great feminine energy and aids in achieving emotional balance. The Moonstone Face Créme moisturizes and reduces redness while preventing breakouts. Rose Quartz and Jade soothe and soften. Ultimately, when you practice a beauty routine you are practicing self-love that is what Rose Quartz is all about. It relieves stress and tension in the heart and clears negative emotions like jealousy and anger. The Rose Quartz Face Créme moisturizes and brightens the skin complexion by encouraging healthy circulation to the surface. Jade is a dispeller of anxiety and boosts confidence. Gemstone Organic's Jade Face Créme evens the skin, like Rose Quartz it also opens and balances the Heart Chakra.

Now, I am about to share with you some pure magic. Here’s how to incorporate gemstones and crystals into your beauty routine…

Crystal Water - Polished Rose Quartz or Clear Quartz are wonderful for this. These two very safe to start with. Place it in spring water or reverse osmosis water, leave it sit under the moon at night. I like to do it during a New Moon or Full Moon. Put it in a spray bottle and voila, you’ve got yourself a face mist. You could drink it for an internal boost as well. If you would like to know more about using Gemstone Essences click here.

Mineral Masque - The positively charged crystals in our Face Masque clarify the skin. Let it sit for at least 5 minutes. Do not let it dry completely and if it does start to dry, use a spritz or two of your hydrosol or crystal water. Crystal powder keeps the healing properties of the mineral present. Clay detoxifies the skin. The toxins in your body are negative so the ions pull them out.

Crystal Rolling - Jade Rolling has been all the rage (and rightfully so) in the beauty industry because it stimulates collagen, drains congested lymph nodes, rids the skin of toxins, and helps to reduce bags and aging around the eyes. You could also use any crystal from your collection that you are drawn to and rub it on your skin gently and lovingly. Rose Quartz is especially good to use here. 

Gemstone Jewelry - Gemstones and crystals work with your energy body always so wearing them will bring their healing powers into your daily life. They are a beautiful way to accessorize while working with your energy.

Don’t leave this out of your beauty routine. Crystals and gemstones give you the boost you need internally and externally; they are components of the elements we work with everyday.

~ With love & light, 


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November 17, 2016

Love this article! Is there a particular jade roller you recommend? There are so many available and I can’t figure out which ones are real jade as well as quality items overall. Thanks!

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