5-Tips to Keeping Your Skin pH Balanced During this Seasonal Transition

photo by Samantha Hurley 

Fall is the time of year where we begin to move into our drier seasons ~ with heaters on and colder days approaching. Taking care of our skin by giving it the extra hydration it needs is important to keep it responding rather than reacting to the seasonal changes.

One important key to keeping your skin healthy during this transition is to keep your skins pH in balance. Your skins pH is about 5.5, meaning your skin is slightly acidic. Many soaps and cleansers are closer to a pH of 8-10, which is alkaline and can create dry, sensitive skin. Making sure your skin mantle stays at the lower pH protects you from external influences like bacteria, pollution and also helps it to maintain the moisture that it needs to stay healthy and vibrant. This is the time of year when your skin will let you know it is out of balance as the air becomes drier and it begins to feel tight and dry.

So here are a five gemstone organic tips to prepare body and soul for this colder weather transition ~

1. Honey

Honey has an average pH of 4.0. Using honey as a cleanser or doing a honey masque has many benefits to the skin, which is why we created our Sun Clean cleanser. Known for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties honey is a humectant—meaning it attracts water and retains it in the skin.  Using it on your skin as a wash or a masque is a great way to support your skin and keep it pH balanced. Remember to use raw, organic honey as processed honey has all the beautiful phytonutrients removed.  Honey is also beneficial for flushing.

2. Gem Juice Hydrosols

Our Gem Juice Hydrosols are organic, 100 percent high-vibrational plant waters. They contain active plant ingredients that help support skin hydration, soothe inflammation, promote cell regeneration, and balance sebum. They are low in pH and support your skin's barrier health by gently rebalancing your pH. In addition, they are a beautiful aromatherapy water that can positively influence your mood by connecting you to a plant, a place, and a season.

3. Apple cider vinegar

This magical kitchen ingredient is wonderful for the skin, which is why we use it in our Sunstone Lotion to keep your skin healthy and pH balanced. If you are brave ~ you can also use a diluted solution of apple cider vinegar on your skin after your shower to balance your skins pH. You can also make a simple apple cider vinegar drink by adding water and honey to create an internal balance for your skin to benefit from.

4. Moisturizing

Our five signature face cremes keep your skin hydrated and balance your skin's pH. They are thoughtfully created with waters that are pH balanced to keep your skin pH balanced. We use reverse osmosis water in our organic signature face cremes, because the process removes all the harsh chemicals and it has a pH of 4.5. We blend it with our RoseOtto Gem Juice to give your skin high vibrational waters that are perfectly pH balanced for your skin and soul. Creams with a proper pH absorb deeper and hold in the moisture longer! Which is why we call them "magic in a jar".

If you want to take it to another level ~ try our Gemstone Facial Spa Kits. Herbal steams are wonderful way to oxygenate and purify the skin ~ the steam helps your dry skin to absorb the herbal nutrients and benefits for hydration and balance. It will open your pores making your skin more receptive for your crème to penetrate and moisturize deeper. 

5. Warm Celtic Sea Salt Baths

When our skins mineral quotient is out of balance we experience dryness, irritation itching and more. Taking warm celtic salt baths ~ not hot baths ~ create the container for your skin to absorb the healing minerals for healthy skin. Warm salt baths are anti inflammatory, increase circulation of the skin and can decrease stress. If you want added benefits you can take your warm bath in the morning as your body pushes acidic toxins towards the skin while you sleep and so you are able to remove the toxins from your skin while still giving it a breakfast of minerals! Our Ceremonial Chakra Baths invite you to slow down, heal and integrate body and soul into these upcoming days of winter stillness. Working with the Root Chakra brings you the grounding and feeling of rooting this season calls to.

We all love to move into this season with cozy drinks, fires and warmer clothes. This year take time to breathe some life back into your skin and soul to prepare for the upcoming days of winter stillness.

xx Debra
Moon Mama

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